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Plumber Ipswich Leaking Taps

Leaking or dripping taps in the home or office left unattended can quickly get out of hand. With water prices rising a dripping tap can easily waste large amounts of water over a short period of time and will quickly add up on the next water bill. Also leaking water can cause costly repairs to cupboards, bench tops, timber, or water stain some fixtures. Repairing a leaking tap isn't as easy as changing a washer or two with mixer taps, ceramic disc tapware and cartridges or even the if the style of tap is not available. Kools Plumbers Ipswich can easily solve these problems or advise on cost effective solutions.

Plumber Ipswich Blocked Drains

24/7 Emergency call out. blocked drains can be an unpleasant experience and usually occur at the most unwanted times with very little warning. Most often blockages can be caused due to tree roots entering the drainage system, and need to be removed with a drain cleaning machine. Problems also can occur in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, even stormwater or downpipe drains. Maybe its time to camera the line so we can locate the problem, dig up the line and repair, and stop the blockages for good. At Kools Plumbers Ipswich we offer 7 Days a week service to clear your blocked drains.

Plumber Ipswich Toilets
No matter what kind or style of toilet you have, with so many different toilets available, they still need to be working correctly all the time. Leaking toilet washers, water not shutting off properly, broken internal mechanisms, all can add to the problem of water continuously running and costing money. Also external seals on toilets sometimes become old and cracked, causing water to leak onto the floor, this can cause other costly problems. A full service on the toilet can easily take care of these problems or maybe its time for a complete new suite.

Hot Water Tank
Electric, Solar, Heat pump, or Gas. If your hot water system has burst, leaking or just isn't HOT, it usually needs a quick response. It can be as simple as swapping over your tank or maybe it is a good time to upgrade the whole system to better meet the consumers needs. Also hot water units have control, expansion and tempering valves which can fail, effecting the performance of the unit. A full service is available to address any of these problems to help keep the running costs down. Kools Plumbers Ipswich are the experts in Hot Water Systems.

Rainwater Tank
Rainwater tanks come in all shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. Setting up a complete rainwater system for harvesting and storing rainwater for use around the home, etc. , instead of mains water, saves you money!! Rainwater can be set up to supply toilets, washing machines, or garden irrigation or maybe it is the only water source where special filters may be required. Depending on your needs we can supply and install the right pump for the job, from one hose tap or even a whole house. Even if your pump isn't working properly, it may require a service or repair done, and save the expense of a new purchase.

Fridge Water Installation
If you have recently moved house and your fridge requires a new water connection or just upgraded the existing fridge and you need a water connection installed, call Kools Plumbing to help solve the problem. A fully licensed plumber can advise and install the new pipework to suit the fridge set up, connect into existing pipework, maybe in a cupboard or ceiling, and connect the fridge up into position ready to deliver cold drinking water on demand.

Kitchen Sink
Kools Plumbing can help replace, upgrade and fit off any kitchen, laundry or bathroom sink you may need installed. Kools Plumbing can install or change over your old sink, disconnect drainage pipes and re-plumb the pipework to suit the new sink set out. If you are renovating the kitchen, Kools Plumbing can disconnect the existing water and waste pipework to the kitchen sink and any other fixtures, before the work starts, and return when the new kitchen is ready for the fit-off and install all the new pipework to suit the new sink.

Bathroom Basin
Kools Plumbing can replace or suggest a cost effective solution to have the basin looking like new. Kools Plumbing can organise a professional cabinet maker or work in with your own cabinet maker or builder when bench tops or vanity cupboards may also need to be replaced.

Gutter Repairs Ipswich
Leaking roofs and guttering can cause major damage to your home or office if left unattended. Why not get a quote to replace or repair old and rusty looking roof sheeting, guttering, downpipes, skylights...before storm season hits.

Leaking Showers
Water leaking from the internal pipework or a tray or base in the shower, can sometimes be causing problems which cannot be seen until you have noticed wet carpets, damp walls, etc. Call Kools Plumbing so a professional can come to your home and pressure test the pipework, inspect the shower base and advise you on the best and most cost effective solution to repair the leak.

Dishwasher installation
Dishwasher installation
Do you need a new dishwasher installed? Kools Plumbing can install your new dishwasher in no time at all. If your old dishwasher has stopped working, or just upgrading the unit and you need it changed over with the new one or if your kitchen area has never had a dishwasher installed before, and you would like to save some time instead of hand washing, please call Kools Plumbers to arrange a professional tradesperson to install the necessary plumbing to have your dishwasher up and running quickly.

Starting from old septic tanks to new O.S.T.P.(on-site treatment plants) regular maintenance and servicing can help the system work properly and hassle free while meeting local council regulations. All aspects of O.S.T.P. are covered including minor repairs, pumps, spare parts, field irrigation, absorption trenches, tank pump outs.

A burst pipe needs a fast solution. Sometimes old water pipes can let go without any warning causing all kinds of problems. Sometimes a high water bill can be the first indication something is leaking, maybe underground or out of sight. Maybe while digging in the garden or drilling a hole in the wall at home, the last thing you might be expecting is to accidentally go through the water main. A quick call to Kools Plumbers and a plumber will be there ASAP.

Why not give your kitchen or bathroom a new look and upgrade the fittings. We can replace tapware, dishwashers, fridge water, sinks, shower rails, toilet suites, basins and heaps more...

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